Perform Chinatown 2011

A performance involving two obtuse triangles

In Perform Chinatown, 2011, I took two very well crafted obtuse triangles and finished their treatment and appearance. Being of equal proportions, the triangles were able to fit together to form a perfect rectangle. My initial interest in the triangles was that their shapes allowed for a many number of configurations: against the wall, back to back, side to side, apart, etc. The possibilities of their spatial play across the courtyard outside was endless. The triangles were painted a very matte black, which gave the planes an even more dimensional quality. With the combination of the movement required to paint all of the surfaces the muscular and physical activity needed for this, my performance was essentially involved with what it meant to deal and play with the large triangular shapes, as well as the preparation and process of rendering them to a "finished" and "placed" state that, in the exhibition, was never fully realized.

*Note, the triangles mysteriously disappeared later
in the duration of the show.